Maya | Interlake High School

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I have come to learned that the weather is quite unexpected – It’s not thing new to me and for that reason I always have a back-up plan.

We planned for a snow Wintery session with Maya in beautiful Winter dress. As we drove to Snoqualmie Pass looking for some white snow area and there were none to be found. Well, at least not nice clean ones. And it was in the middle of Winter!

We were so short on snow this year that the Summit at Snoqualmie that usually open around Thanksgiving hadn’t even open yet passed Christmas.

Maya and I managed to make it happened by driving to one of my favorite cliff. I love the majestic view of the mountain above this calming – though freezing – lake.

What more amazing about nature is, 2 days after this session I photographed this Snow Winter Bridal Portrait Session. Yes. 2 days later!

I love living in this Emerald City. The nature of weather amazes me often. I welcome the unexpected.

February Violet Photography | Bellevue Interlake High School

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