FVPviolet FVPfamily

My name is Violet and am

...a wife to a wonderful loving geeky husband. I'm very blessed and feel loved everyday.

...a Mom to the sweetest precious 6 year old boy name Owen. You might see his picture on the blog once in awhile.

I love the organic nature of film photography, but am also inspired and excited by the versatility of digital. Secretly, I would love to master the art of film photography so you might see some film photograph on the blog here and there sometime.

Photography truly is an old friend to me! How I started was a journey of self discovering - a quiet high school girl who loved art and architecture. Amaze of my passion for photography, I'm now yearning for capturing soulful inspiring images.

My love for Art along with Graphic Design sensibility, coupled with a meticulous attention to details enables me to use Photography to draw freely on life’s canvases.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by - I hope we'll connect in some way either by me photographing you or by chance a world wide web friendship. I would love to connect with you via Instagram.